Wooden Embroidery Hoops - 7" x 5.5" Square/Round
“Square hoops” with rounded corners are popular with counted thread embroiderers. The size opening is better suited for sampler work than a round shaped hoop. The width is 5/16 inch. One of the more atypical sizes we stock is a rectangular "square" hoop that is 16 ¾ inches long by 12 inches wide.

Our Selection of Hoops

Access Commodities stocks a comprehensive selection of wooden hoops enabling one to perform a wide range of hand embroidery techniques. All of the hoops made of beechwood, come in a range of diameter sizes including : 5/16", 5/8"and 7/8".

The fine, 5/16 inch width slender hoops are for light weight fabrics such as batiste and cambric. These are best for embroidering monograms, raised embroidery slips, or any kind of fancywork.

The 5/8 inch width medium hoop is recommended for medium weight linens, and fine woolens. The size is a comfortable weight in your hand.

The 7/8 inch width is recommended for heavier upholstery weight fabrics, and is actually my favorite for crewel work.

To protect your embroidery fabric from marking, please wrap the hoop with twill or bias tape. Access Commodities has white twill tape in three widths: 3/8”, 1/2” and 3/4”.

To order this product for your store, please contact us at: orders@accesscommodities.com