African-American Complexion - Flesh Tone #5
African American Complexion contains:
- 12 skeins of Soie d'Alger
- 5 spools of Soie Perlee
- 6 spools of Soie 1003
- 2 spools of Soie de Paris
- 1 spool each of Trebizond and Soie Gobelins.

Collections of silk thread organized by complexion type were designed provide the embroiderer with a realistic palette of flesh tone shades.

Traditionally professional embroiderers kept their "face" silks in a separate box from their other threads.

These silks vary in weight, type, texture and shade enabling you to create a range of effects---down to the finest features such as eyelids or fingertips.

You will notice none of the kits contain equally shaded values of the same color, because a face is never painted or portrayed in a single color.

Each kit is organized around an ethnic theme, but should not be considered a rigid definition, but a suggested guideline..

Threads can be used on both fabric and canvas.

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