Filament Silk Gimp - Red
Precise ombre shaded threads in a convenient package.

Filament Silk gimp is a round, cord-like thread made of Soie Ovale for hand embroidery.

It's smooth finish bestows a distinct raised texture in surface couching or detached stitches such as trellis stitch.

Great thread choice for Pekinese, herringbone or any stitch done on a surface ground.

Use in canvaswork with shorter 14 inch lengths for any flat stitches such as Byzantine, as it provides a unique textural effect.

Also can be couched on canvas with our matching Soie 1003 or one ply of Soie de Paris.

We recommend a 22 or 24 Chenille Needle.

Please download our stitching directions.

Red Colour Palette Kit consists of:
Pale Pink - matches Soie Ovale 1011
Pyncke - matches Soie Ovale 2912
Dry Rose - matches Soie Ovale 0741
Red - matches Soie Ovale 0945
Brasell - matches Soie Ovale 2916
Garnet - matches Soie Ovale 2646

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